Comparing Yourself? STOP!

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Like I’ve said many times before, each and every one of us was put on this earth for a limited amount of time to accomplish a specific purpose. We are all wired specifically for this purpose and that is why we have our temperaments, skills, passion, likes and strengths.

Albert Einstein once said “everybody was born a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life thinking that it is stupid.”

 This is exactly what society has done by creating systems where people with different abilities and capabilities are judged based on what the system perceives as standard. Many are left struggling with issues of a low self -esteem, a negative self- image  and a low sense of self -worth . Most people feel like they are of little or no value because they have failed to live up to the standards set for them by society. They will in turn do anything and everything in their power to prove to society that they are worthy.  In the work place you will find them going the extra mile, working overtime just to impress the bosses. They will have a hard time accepting defeat whenever they find themselves in a competition or an argument and are often hard on themselves because they do not want to be classified as inferior.  Socially, they will go to great lengths to keep up with the Joneses.

Question is, if all of us were cut out to do different things, then why are so many suffering with feelings of inadequacy? Why are people striving beyond their means to keep up socially and financially with others?


Theodore Roosevelt once said that comparison is the thief of joy. This means that as long as we are looking for validation outside ourselves, we will never be truly happy.  What most people don’t know is that what other people present to the outside world is usually an edited version of their reality. Social media is a great culprit that has left many attempting to live a life that is non-existent.

The main reason why the grass is perceived to be greener on the other side is simply because most people do not know or understand their reason for existence. Someone said that only dead fish go with the flow. Most people do not know their purpose, they have no idea who they are and what they are capable of. They simply exist, they have chosen to die before they are dead and therefore end up taking whatever it is life hands them.

The other reason why most suffer from the comparison menace is that they have no core values, principles or standards, such people live their lives imitating the standards of other people. They have no goals and therefore no sense of direction.  You know what they say about not knowing where you’re headed, any road will take you there.

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Truth is, we are all capable of doing great things. We all have tremendous talent and skill.  The thing is, talent in its natural form will not take us anywhere. Talent needs to be harnessed and worked on so that it can be able to produce for us the results we desire. The best vocalist or athlete did not get there on mere talent; they had to spend hours on end working on developing their talent through practice and coaching.

The problem with comparing ourselves to others is that we end up neglecting our skills because we are too busy focusing on what everyone else is doing. In doing this, we limit the power of our potential. I’ve spoken before about the acres of diamonds story where an American farmer on hearing that other farmers had made millions by discovering diamond mines in Africa sold his farm to go to Africa to prospect for diamonds not knowing that the very farm he sold was littered with the diamonds that he went out searching for.

The beauty of life is that we are all unique. Everyone is configured differently and that is what brings the flavor of life. Instead of trying to be as good as or better than others, focus your energy on constantly improving yourself. Stop comparing your life with others; you are capable of so much more than you are giving yourself credit for. You have the power to create and manifest all that you desire. Trust the process of life and be patient, work on becoming the most beautiful and powerful version of yourself. Remember, you are the only you in this world and that is your power!

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8 thoughts on “Comparing Yourself? STOP!

  1. To discover the real you, look at what you spend time thinking about when no one is looking, when nothing is forcing you to think about anything in particular. Just a tip….good STOP! I am equal to nobody and second to none.

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